Rehan Mir
Rehan MirCEO of Aoun Apartments

Aoun Service Apartments is a place for Doctors to un-wind.

Health Care Service Providers

With Mysuru fast gaining prominence on the global map with some big international brands in health care such as Narayana Hrudayalaya and Columbia Asia setting up their shop, there has been a significant need for doctors to travel to Mysuru to perform complex surgeries. We surveyed this need from the health care providers and conceptualized the idea of Aoun service apartments where the doctors have the need to take a short break post- surgery outside of the hospital atmosphere, un-wind for a few hours while being at a stone’s throw away distance to the patients to be able to attend to them in case of emergencies.

Another need that was exposed by our market survey to health care service providers was from the attendants or relatives/friends of the patients being treated at these hospitals. They responded saying that a service apartments facility close by would help them tremendously to relax for a few hours and give them the comfort feel of being close to their loved ones being treated at the hospitals.

Aoun Service apartments a place to host your corporate employees.

Corporate Businesses

City of Mysuru has witnessed an economic boom in the last 5 years with hundreds of small medium businesses setting up their base here. Given its proximity to the Silicon Valley of the east “Bengaluru”, a significant number of corporate employees travel to Mysuru for their corporate needs. When small – medium businesses have to host their employees for an extended stay spanning a few weeks for training , sales or marketing events, stay in hotels burns a deep dark hole in corporates expenses. It is here where corporates whom we surveyed presented us the need to conceptualize Aoun Service apartments where we would host their employees at a contractual price and friendly terms & conditions for the stay.

Our contractual certification offers such as, 

Gold Certified Corporates – 40% Discount off List. Silver Certified Corporates – 30% Discount off List. Platinum Certified Corporates – 25% Discount off List. Have been very well received by the corporate market.

Aoun Apartments is the way to go for wedding guests to receive top class luxury stay.

Wedding/Community Businesses

Our market analysis highlights us the fact that on an average, a family spends Rs: 1,00,000 a day for a wedding/community hall and there are at-least 50 guests who travel from other cities to Mysuru for these events. These wedding halls typically do not have good facilities for the guests to stay, booking a hotel stay for that number of guests for a few days will burn a deep dark hole in host’s pocket. It is here that the event host gets a in a spot of bother as their budget & their reputation to host their invaluable guests is at stake. Aoun Apartments is the way to go for them where their guests receive top class luxury at a price that delights the host